5 Ways to Calm Your Mind

Sometimes you might have too much happening in your life and you need to unclutter all of the activity happening in your head. Here are some suggestions for calming a cluttered and anxious mind.

1. Practice Mindfulness or Meditation.

You have probably heard this suggestion before. How can think about all of the crazy thoughts help calm you down? It is a matter of observing these thoughts and not dwelling on them. Merely recognize that they are there and then let them float away. Try to set aside a short amount of time every day in a quiet area. Build upon your time the more often that you do it.

2. Disconnect.

I know this is going to become harder and harder, but sometimes you just need to disconnect from all the technology that is becoming more integrated into our lives. Log off your social media accounts and you will be surprised how free you will feel after a few hours that you are not needing to constantly check your phone.

3. Listen to soothing music.

Try to find an artist whose music is uplifting and mellow and give it a listen. Nothing too heavy! Music is a great way to help relax both your mind and your body.

4. Track the good things.

A great exercise is to keep a notebook and track the things that you are grateful for at the end of each day. Also, try to track anything that you have done in your day that positively affected another person. This is a great way to appreciate the small things and value the present.

5. Take a bath.

Turn on the warm water and load up on the suds! This is a great way to spend some time letting your thoughts drift away and refresh yourself in a nice warm bubble bath.