Beats Medical Dyspraxia App – Vhi Partnership

With approximately 10% of children affected by Dyspraxia/DCD, we are extending our partnership with Vhi to offer an exclusive discount on the Beats Medical Dystant Galaxy app. All members on hospital plans can avail of an annual subscription for €50, compared to the usual fee of €330.

Dyspraxia/DCD is a condition that affects fine and/or gross motor skills, such as coordination and planning abilities. DCD can also have an impact on speech and communication for some children. With 82% of parents experiencing difficulty accessing the necessary care for their child’s Dyspraxia, the Beats Medical app provides clinically proven therapies to treat and manage symptoms at home daily. Our app is not intended to replace specialist care, but to enhance existing treatments.

Created for children aged 6-14, the outer space theme offers a child friendly interface. It provides fun and interactive physiotherapy, speech and language therapy and occupational therapy exercises. All our games and exercises were carefully designed by Allied Health Professionals, and are aimed at improving children’s independence through tackling task orientated functional activities, relevant to their daily life.

Some of our features include:

  • Occupational therapies to target skills such as handwriting
  • Speech games to develop communication, clarity and diction
  • Physical exercises to target coordination, balance and strength
  • Speech and language therapies to practice clarity, pace and speech quality

Our partnership offers clinical expertise to all Vhi customers at a discounted rate, insuring children don’t miss out on the help that they need. Instead of the annual membership fee of €330, Vhi customers can avail of the same service for only €50.

Read Sonya’s story to see how the Dystant Galaxy App has helped her three children to deal with Dyspraxia and the daily challenges they face.

‘’Isabelle, Darcy and Tilly have all been using the Beats Medical Dyspraxia app and it’s fantastic, they love it.’’

Available for download now.