Famous people with Dyspraxia

It is believed that 8% of the population suffer from Dyspraxia. But it does not stop those suffering with the symptoms from excelling and achieving their goals! In this blog, you will find out about some people that have gained fame through their dedication, and maybe even with the assistance of their Dyspraxia.

Florence Welch: the singer/songwriter views her Dyspraxia in a positive light as creativity is something that is often associated with Dyspraxia and Florence has given credit to that theory.

Daniel Radcliffe: Mr. Harry Potter has been known to muddle up his words. Daniel has spoken about his mild Dyspraxia symptoms and the things he does to aid living with dyspraxia.

Cara Delevingne: the actress and supermodel says that she struggled at school due to her Dyspraxia. She found writing hard and taking tests extra stressful. Although school was particularly hard for her it didn’t stop her from becoming a very successful actress, author, and model.

Ellis Genge: He may not be particularly famous but Ellis is a professional rugby player. Dyspraxia affects hand to eye coordination and spatial awareness. Ellis defies this on a weekly basis when he turns out for his team.

Rory Bremner: The comedian famous for his impressions, is multi-talented and has spoken openly in the past about his ADHD and Dyspraxia.

Sir Richard Branson: the multi-billionaire and founder of Virgin has struggled with Dyspraxia. He was called “dummy” and “thicko” throughout his childhood years and struggled with his handwriting. But this hasn’t stopped him in becoming a multi-billionaire tycoon.

There are some other well-known names that are thought of as being dyspraxic or have dyspraxic tendencies, these include Bill Gates, Stephen Fry, Albert Einstein, Pablo Picasso, Robin Williams, and Isaac Newton.