Establish the digital strategy of your
clinical research

Simply translate your needs from pre-clinical to commercialization into a configurable digital platform, with a team of clinical and digital experts

The need for a digital-first approach

Developing insights from
pre-clinical to commercialization is complex and unpredictable

Traditional R&D methods are inefficient and can be improved with accessible technology

Traditional assessments lack objectiveness and sensitivity

In the realm of R&D, comprehending conditions and acquiring meaningful real-world data and evidence can be hindered by an exclusive emphasis on subjective reporting and the challenges associated with recruiting and retaining patients, particularly within populations affected by CNS or rare conditions.

The Beats Medical Colbolt© Platform is changing the shape of clinical trials, targeting a variety of the most common symptoms, by measuring in “millimeters, not meters” to unlock and deliver the therapies of the future.

Discover with Beats Medical how Colbolt© can support your next study or drug trial