What does it take to be approved by Parkinson’s UK?

Last year, Parkinson’s UK (the largest Parkinson’s focused charity in Europe) launched their app and device library. This was created to recommend technology that people with Parkinson’s can trust, and that will have a positive impact on everyday life.

After more than nine months of assessment, independent testing and reviews from people with Parkinson’s, the Beats Medical service became the first and only Parkinson’s-specific technology to be recommended by Parkinson’s UK in this new library.

This means that you can have confidence in knowing that Beats Medical are assessed and approved by Parkinson’s UK, and by an independent panel of expert reviewers.

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Ready to start working on your walking, speech or hand movement symptoms? Get started today! It’s free to try, trusted by Parkinson’s UK, and we’re here to help you through it all.