Re-imagine evidence generation with digital solutions

We partner with leading pharmaceutical companies to improve their real-world data and evidence collection, from pre-clinical stages to drug commercialization, by understanding patients’ symptoms through digital solutions

Top 10 Global Pharma Companies are transforming their R&D with Beats Medical

Deploy Beats Medical’s digital platform in a white-labeled or co-branded solution that integrates into your clinical pipeline, delivering objective assessments to enhance your R&D activities from pre-clinical to commercialization, or even to provide tailored digital therapies that drive long term behavioural change.

Our cross-disease, multi-symptom platform technology, Colbolt©, requires no additional hardware and provides the broadest reach on the market across iOS and Android devices to capture precision data on complex conditions.

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your evidence generation

Defining your digital strategy for clinical research or commercialization shouldn’t be hard. Simplify it by translating your needs to generate evidence with a strong digital strategy, supported by a team of clinical and digital experts.

clinical research

Utilize digital assessments supported by AI to quickly learn about specific diseases without managing logistics or distributing hardware to patients. Identify the right endpoints for your clinical trial from the start.

clinical research

Navigate the clinical trial phases to drug approval with the support of digital assessments that accelerate your progress toward better clinical outcomes. Learn faster and make real-time decisions about your assets.

Smartphone-based assessments
adaptable to
every trial

Cross-disease and

Provide objective measures of mobility, fine motor, and speech alongside QoL/ePROMs

Bring your own device (BYOD)

Limitless recruitment of patients across devices and geographies, with no additional wearable

x5 increase in
data precision

Use standardized digital assessments with a 5-fold increase compared to traditional methods

Embedded digital biomarkers approach

Explore measures that become the foundations for digital biomarkers in complex conditions


We are proud to work with industry leading partners to better understand, engage and treat patients with CNS and rare conditions.

Our aim is to generate better outcomes for all by partnering for scale. Our partnerships deliver win – wins for our clients with a low barrier to entry and a high percentage of success.

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