The Beats Medical
Colbolt© Platform

Our deployments are powered by Colbolt©, our intelligent DTx platform. Based on patented processes, our AI and ML platform drives significant value, helping to understand, engage and treat patients quickly and effectively. Our evidence-based, objective assessments and tailored therapies are digitally delivered through a smartphone application, with no additional hardware or sensors required.

The Colbolt© platform can be rapidly customised and deployed to treat several symptoms of any CNS or rare condition.

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Cross disease

Can be deployed for CNS or rare conditions

No additional hardware

Delivered through smartphone applications

Precision tailoring

Objective assessments and tailored therapies

Multi symptom focus

Combine a variety of core therapy modules

Modular deployment

Rapidly customised and deployed

Highly scalable

Valuable partnerships that deliver win-wins


Deploying Smartphone Applications to Create a Tailored Experience

We are passionate about supporting people with any CNS or rare condition. As leaders in this space, we partner with those who are driven by a vision of transforming the lives of patients through innovation. Our rapid, modular deployments are highly scalable.

Cross Disease Applicability
with a Multi Symptom Focus

The Beats Medical Colbolt© platform can be deployed for a variety of CNS and rare conditions, targeting a variety of the most common symptoms.





Products Deployments

Colbolt© in Action


We have deployed the Beats Medical Colbolt© platform in a tailored assessment and therapy app for people with Parkinson’s disease, helping our users to manage their Gross Motor, Speech and Fine Motor symptoms independently. This globally commercialised deployment is used by people with Parkinson’s in more than 30 countries worldwide.


Our Beats Medical Colbolt© platform has been deployed to deliver an interactive, gamified therapy app, helping children with Dyspraxia, or Developmental Coordination Disorder, to develop crucial Gross Motor, Fine Motor and Speech skills. This deployment is directly reimbursed by Ireland’s largest private health insurer, with coverage for more than 1.2 million customers.

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