Lead with meaningful
real-world evidence

in your next
observational study

Utilize digital assessments supported by AI to rapidly learn about specific diseases before selecting the right endpoints for your clinical trial, without managing logistics or distributing hardware to patients

Observational studies encounter several challenges

Recruiting and screening patients is slow and often incurs cost overruns

Patient disengagement and lack of adherence may lead to inconclusive results

Traditional assessments lack the sensitivity needed to understand complex conditions

Selecting the right endpoints early on is essential for designing effective drug trials

We guide you in integrating a digital platform into your clinical pipeline that delivers remote objective assessments to enhance your observational studies, which are foundational for disease understanding and drug trial design.

Our cross-disease, multi-symptom platform technology, Colbolt©, requires no additional hardware and provides the broadest reach on the market across iOS and Android devices to capture high-quality data.

Deploy Colbolt© to uncover the right endpoints that should be measured in your next clinical trial

Up to 40% reduction in costs related to managing logistics

70% patients retention over 12 months
for high-quality data

5-fold increase in data precision to support your trial design

Cross-Disease Applicability with a
Multi Symptom Focus

The Beats Medical Colbolt© platform can be deployed for a variety of CNS and rare conditions, targeting the most common symptoms with digital assessments that measure highly-engaged patients through their smartphones




QoL / ePROMs / Wellbeing

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Deploy Colbolt© in your observational study



increase in physical activity

Facilitates impactful behavioural changes



increase in data precison

Generates more precise data than traditional assessments




Greater sensitivity than any other solution in detecting mobility impairements



retention rate

Promotes high patient engagement and adherence over long periods