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Deploying our Digital Assessment & Therapy Platform

Beats Medical are leaders in precision digital assessments and tailored digital therapies with an embedded biomarkers approach.

We partner with leading pharmaceutical companies to better understand, engage and treat patients with CNS and Rare Conditions.

We have Partnered with Top 10 Global Pharma Companies

We deploy market-leading products, white-labelled or co-branded, that embed in our partners pipeline, delivering precision assessments to enhance R&D activities, evolving to provide tailored digital therapies that create real behavioural changes with patients.

Our multi-symptom, multi-disease platform technology, Colbolt, requires no additional hardware, and provides the broadest reach on the market across iOS and Android devices.

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    Why embed digital
    in your strategy?

    Over 85% of CNS drug trials fail due to the complexity of conditions and insufficient outcome measures.

    For Pharma partners focused on R&D, we provide precision digital assessments comparable to state of the art, with increased sensitivity than traditional measures. This can enhance recruitment and retention and drive better empirical data.

    At commercial stages, we build on assessment offerings enabling Pharma partners to embrace digital therapeutics to solve unmet patient needs and gain competitive advantage, creating new revenue streams.


    Our Solutions

    Partnering with Beats Medical

    Precision Digital Assessment Solutions

    We can provide a bespoke, assessment-only solution for decentralised clinical trials, unlocking the potential to gather more granular data that surpasses the limitations of in-clinic methods.

    – Run faster, more efficient clinical trials
    – Streamline recruitment and onboarding with BYOD
    – Reduce running costs and enhance ROI
    – Better subgrouping of patients and controls
    – Enhanced sensitivity and objectivity in results
    – Improved confidence in approvals and success

    Individually Tailored Digital Therapy Solutions

    Our platform can build on assessment offerings and provide therapies from four distinct modules: Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Speech and Wellbeing. 

    – Multi-symptom approach specific to condition
    – Evidence-based therapies and interventions
    – Individualised daily therapies powered by assessments
    – Immersive UI/UX to create lasting behavioural change
    – Diversified portfolio with new digital revenue streams
    – Brand differentiation with drug:device combo solution

    Cross Disease

    Bespoke solutions for any CNS or Rare Disease.

    No Additional Hardware

    Frictionless scalability with BYOD approach.

    Broadest Reach on Market

    Cross-platform on most iOS and Android devices.


    Combine from four distinct modules.

    Precision Tailoring

    Precision assessments and tailored therapies.

    Behavioural Change

    High retention, engagement and adherence.

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      Partnering for
      long-term success

      At Beats Medical, we bring value to patients and partners at scale. The results of our previous partnerships speak for themselves.


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      1.2 million+

      patients covered by private and public insurance partnerships.

      11 years

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