Home Therapy Tool for Children with Dyspraxia

The Beats Medical Dyspraxia app, Dystant Galaxy, provides children with daily access to evidence based, fun and engaging exercises. Our interactive therapy tool can help children, aged 5-14, develop crucial gross motor, fine motor, speech and communication skills.

Isabell, Darcy and Tilly have all been using the Beats Medical Dyspraxia app and it’s fantastic, they love it. The speech and communication is great for verbal dyspraxia.


Mum of Isabell, Darcy and Tilly

Practice Crucial Skills at Home

The Dystant Galaxy app delivers exercises through fun space-themed activities, promoting skill development, engagement and enjoyment.

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What Our Clients Say

All the exercises you can get from OT’s she can do and manage herself from home. It’s on her phone so she can just play the games and she doesn’t realise she’s getting all the help from it.


Chloe’s mum

Specific Programs
Tailored to your Needs

We offer programs based on three of the common symptoms of Dyspraxia. Our ‘Base Level’ program allows you to try before you buy, sampling free interactive exercises.

‘Gross Motor Galaxy’ gives access to our imaginative training cards, ‘Fine Motor Meteor’ provides access to evidence-based activities and ‘Speech Station’ gives access to our responsive communication exercises.

Explore our ‘Program Package’ to get unlimited access to all of our exercises and activities!

Need help? Contact us at office@beatsmedical.com or on 01 254 9975 (IRL), 040 3287 9975 (UK), 347 537 4080 (Rest of World).


The Importance of Early Intervention

Early intervention is essential to help children with Dyspraxia develop the fundamental skills they will need throughout their lives. Though allied health therapy is beneficial for children of all ages, interventions in early childhood give the best chance of reaching full potential in all areas of life.

Research shows that the earlier the intervention, the more effective it can be in reducing symptoms impacting coordination, communication, self-esteem and academic performance as children grow.

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