Tips for Teaching Self-Help Skills

    Supporting children with Dyspraxia

    Tips for Teachers

    How can teachers support?

    Tips for Parent/Teacher Communication

    Talking to teachers about Dyspraxia

    Spatial Understanding and Awareness Games

    Exciting games to target spatial awareness.

    Planning & Organisation

    Tips to support children to plan and organise.

    Best Exercises for Improving Coordination

    Targeting coordination through exercise.

    Best Exercises to Improve Finger Dexterity and Hand Movement.

    Ways to improve hand movements.

    Enhancing your child’s skills

    There are lots of skills Learn More

    At Home Activities to Develop Fine Motor Skills for Dyspraxia

    Developing fine motor skills

    Resources and Support for Dyspraxia

    Helpful resources to support Dyspraxia

    Fun activities to improve motor skills for children with Dyspraxia

    Promote the development of gross motor skills!

    For parents – what can I do?

    How can parents support their children?

    What is Dyspraxia/DCD?

    How does Dyspraxia present in children?

    Dyspraxia – A Hidden Condition

    Noticing Dyspraxia

    Top School Tips

    Top tips to support children in school

    The Facts about Dyspraxia

    Learn more about Dyspraxia with our facts!

    Handwriting Tips for Children with Dyspraxia

    Targeting handwriting

    Tips for Parents of Children with Dyspraxia

    Tips and best practices to help children overcome some of the symptoms they experience!

    Tips for Making Daily Tasks and Routines Easier for Children with Dyspraxia

    Dyspraxia can affect everybody differently, Learn More

    Dyspraxia Top Tips

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