Resources and Support for Dyspraxia

Given that Dyspraxia is not as widely known as other conditions, you may have difficulty finding relevant information. If you are feeling unsure of where to turn for support or information, here are a few options to have a look at.

Dyspraxia Ireland is the largest Dyspraxia Support Group Organisation in Ireland and offers a lot of information on supports and resources that are available for children with Dyspraxia. You can find a range of supports listed on their website, found here:

They have also compiled a list of helpful books about Dyspraxia, which can be found at:

Dyspraxia UK, the national organisation for Dyspraxia in the UK, also has a number of resources with useful information and tips for Dyspraxia, found at:

Some useful information about the condition can also be found at:

You can get access to daily, at-home therapy through fun, space-themed games with the Beats Medical Dyspraxia App. The app is specifically designed for kids with Dyspraxia to improve fine hand movements, balance and coordination, and speech and communication skills.

There are also a number of classroom supports that can be helpful for children with Dyspraxia and are recommended by the National Educational Psychological Service. These include:

  1. Sloped writing desks
  2. Pencil and pen grips
  3. Special cushions to promote good posture known as ‘Movin’ sit’ cushions
  4. Easy-grip scissors
  5. Therapeutic Putty for improving fine hand function

It may also be worth asking your child’s teacher if the school supplies any of these supports.