Data Insights

Using innovative approaches, we support the greater exploration of data from the initial phases of clinical trials, through to long-term, real-world evidence generation.

Our patented approach to objective assessments generates data with greater sensitivity than any other solution. Our intuitive visualisation platform allows you to rapidly understand data trends in real time.

With this game changing innovation, we can capture and decode this nuanced data to uncover patterns, subgroups and insights like never before.

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Game Changing
Digital Therapeutics

Our multi-disease and multi-symptom platform can be deployed to assess and treat CNS and rare conditions. With the broadest applicability on the market, our applications operate across almost all iOS and Android devices.

Our proven approach to tailoring individualised therapy is powered by our objective assessments, fueling our digital therapeutic solutions to generate long-term behavioural changes. Some of the amazing results of our DTx deployments can be seen below.



increase in physical activity


retention rate


average monthly activities

Powered by Objective Assessments

At Beats Medical, we measure in millimeters, not meters, to unlock and deliver the therapies of the future.

With greater sensitivity than traditional measures and precision comparable to state of the art, we automate evidence-based, clinical assessments across gross motor, fine motor and speech, while digitising patient reported outcome measures through engaging experiences.

The enhanced objectivity, reliability and sensitivity of the data we capture supports better clinical trials, fuels our digital therapeutic solutions and builds foundations for digital biomarker discovery.

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97.9% accuracy

vs Android step detection

97.5% accuracy

vs iOS step detection

0.98 Pearson Correlation

Beats Medical vs traditional measure

Unlocking the
Therapies of the Future

Digital biomarkers are data insights that are collected and measured through digital devices, to inform us about specific conditions or diseases.

Digital biomarkers can help us to understand all patient stages. They can also inform new drug development and bring new drugs and therapies to market. This can initiate a preventative approach, predicting future health outcomes.

Only through the long-term behavioural changes that our digital therapeutics create, combined with our objective assessments, can we truly unlock the value of digital biomarkers with our pharma partners.


User Insights
Real-World Results

Our deployments have created long-term behavioural changes and have generated the following real-world results.


therapy sessions completed by Beats Medical product users globally.

97 million

steps taken by Beats Medical product users around the world.


kilometers walked by Beats Medical product users.


score for effectiveness and usability from an independent review.


countries globally commercialised.

1.2 million+

customers with reimbursement coverage.


We have deployed our intelligent platform to assess and treat a multitude of CNS and rare conditions.

We partner with those who are driven by a vision of transforming the lives of patients through innovation, and are proud to support industry leaders to improve disease understandings, generate new value pathways and generate better outcomes for all.

We partner for scale, delivering win – wins for our clients with a low barrier to entry and a high percentage of success.

To find out how our intelligent platform can support your clinical research and digital deployment goals, request a demo of the Beats Medical Colbolt © platform today.