Enhancing your child’s skills

There are lots of skills your child can enhance outside of school that are free, easy, and fun. Read some of our top tips for enhancing daily skills.

Organisation and time management skills take time to develop in children. Try to have a set routine for school each morning to make it quick and easy for your child to get ready.

Using a visual timetable can help children to get organised. Get them to take part in planning the week ahead and make it personal by adding photos of their school bag, PE gear, and other school items.

Enthusiasm for school can dwindle as the year goes on. Continue to use a calendar to help them understand the passage of time. Put events and holidays on their calendar so that there are things to look forward to.

Packing your child’s school bag together every evening before school is an ideal way to build their organisational skills. Offer prompts where needed.

Give simple choices for packed lunches to help your child make good dietary decisions.

Talk to your child about their school day, ask questions, and give feedback to help them process the information and experiences they’ve had during the day.

Practicing what to say to friends and how to make conversation and communicate can help some children feel more confident in social situations. Talking about characters in a book, film or their favorite cartoon helps children to understand how to start and to maintain friendships.

After school physical activity is important to practice spatial awareness skills that are important for balance and coordination. By supporting your child’s physical development and gross motor skills you can help them to develop their mobility.

Cooking and baking are great ways to enjoy learning all about weights, measures, and timing. Children also learn fine motor skills, independence and judgment when cooking with parental help.

Reading with parents is a great way to support your child’s reading development and build their vocabulary.

Hobbies like team sports, arts and crafts, or learning to play an instrument can help a child to follow instructions, be creative, and are a fun way to consolidate skills.

Interests like supporting a football team or following a sport helps children with numeracy skills, the concept of time, and are great conversational topics.

Learning by doing can often help to learn processes in numeracy or science.