The Facts about Dyspraxia

Here are some facts about Dyspraxia, a common neurological condition. We have picked the top 8 things we think everyone should know.

1. Children are usually diagnosed with Dyspraxia between the ages of 6 and 12.

2. Dyspraxia affects more boys than girls.

3. No two people experience the exact same symptoms of Dyspraxia.

4. DCD or Dyspraxia affects children but can extend into adulthood.

5. Estimates vary, but it is said that between 5-10% of children show some signs of Dyspraxia.

6. Dyspraxia confuses the signal between the brain and the body, resulting in many different symptoms.

7. Dyspraxia can be indicated by difficulties with speech, memory, motor skills, and spatial awareness.

8. Dyspraxia has often been underdiagnosed due to a lack of awareness and symptoms that closely match different conditions.

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