Tips for Parent/Teacher Communication

When your child has Dyspraxia, it’s important to talk to their teacher about it. Understanding what your child struggles with allows the teacher to find ways to support them. These tips can help guide the conversation.

1. Meet at the beginning of the year. This gives the teacher an opportunity to adapt strategies they might have to best benefit your child.

2. Some teachers mightn’t be aware of Dyspraxia/DCD. Explain what DCD is for your child.

3. Suggest personal strategies that work well for you.

4. Discuss how their Dyspraxia can affect gross and fine motor skills.

5. Discuss how their Dyspraxia can affect their speech and body position.

6. Share developmental strategies and progress plans together.

7. Discuss how your child has progressed.

8. Ensure both sides are encouraging, using similar language, and on the same wavelength.

9. Share your child’s strengths and interests.

10. Work together to best help your child and put them on the right developmental path.