Spatial Understanding and Awareness Games

Children with dyspraxia/DCD can find team sports particularly challenging. Apart from the physical tasks like using equipment, children can be overwhelmed by other tasks like having a good aim or catching and kicking a ball. Other difficulties can be constantly observing surroundings, reacting quickly to the changing environment, maneuvering themselves around others and the pitch, and many more.

These game ideas can be more fun and helpful for kids with Dyspraxia:

1. Jigsaws

2. Block building (e.g. Lego)

3. Mazes

4. Matching games (will help reading comprehensions later in life)

5. Drawing / painting / dot-to-dot

6. ‘Simon Says’ with directions to turn right/left/stop at the door etc.

7. Make 3D models

8. Descriptive games – which hand is the ball in?

9. Jump into a hoop or circle

10. Which item is furthest?