Planning & Organisation

Motor planning refers to a child’s ability to organise, plan, and carry out new or unfamiliar tasks. It is the first step in learning new skills and requires accurate information from all sensory systems of the body, and mature body awareness, perception of movement and awareness of space. It is the ability by which we figure out how we use our hands and body in skilled tasks like playing with toys, using a pencil, building a structure with lego, using a fork or cycling our bike, etc.

These tips can help children get through their daily routines without stress

1. Stick to a daily routine

2. Make sure your schedule gives you enough extra time

3. Reminders like post-its or electronic alarms

4. Specific play and workspace

5. Folders for each school subject or task (e.g. Homework)

6. See-through pencil cases or purses

7. Keep keys and purses on a chain attached to clothing

8. Use colour association with various tasks (colour coding)

9. Whiteboards at home for big reminders

10. Carry a notebook so you can write notes

11. Label everything and a list where everything is