Fun activities to improve motor skills for children with Dyspraxia

Children with Dyspraxia or Developmental Coordination Disorder can experience symptoms related to movement, making some tasks difficult. Children with Dyspraxia can sometimes experience symptoms related to walking, sitting, dropping things, and performance in sports or handwriting.

As therapy can be expensive and may only be available every few months, it is not always a feasible option. There are other inexpensive and effective activities your child can do to help improve their motor skills between therapy sessions.

Using a trampoline can be a fun way to help improve balance

Mаrtіаl-аrtѕ trаіnіng can help kids develop strength in their arms and legs. It may also help with balance and spatial awareness.

Balloons and bubbles are a unique way to build gross motor skills – they move unpredictably, and they are fun. Chasing bubbles and balloons involves running, jumping, and moving quickly from side to side, which can help with coordination.

Hopscotch is a simple way to practice jumping for gross motor skills, balance, and coordination. Plus, all you need is a piece of chalk and a sunny day to play!

Swimming does not require some of the gross motor skills other sports do. Therefore, it can be a fun activity for children with Dyspraxia. It can help with movement coordination and to develop muscle tone.

They say dancing is good for the soul. Have fun with your kids while working on balance, movement planning, and rhythm. With younger kids, pick songs with “movement” lyrics like “The Hokey Pokey.”

Build a back-garden obstacle course to have fun while working on gross motor skills. Simple things like jumping in and out of hula hoops, jumping over skipping ropes, and weaving between cones will challenge your child to balance, jump and run.

Playing catch or bouncing balls of different sizes can help with coordination and fine motor skills.

Gross motor exercises like the ones in the Beats Medical App are a great way to practice and improve motor skills such as balance, coordination, and strength.

Having fun with your child through these activities could make a difference in helping them develop their motor skills and can be easily incorporated into their daily routine.