Best Exercises for Improving Coordination

Just because you have poor coordination does not mean you are hopeless. Try out some of these exercises on a regular basis and track your results! NOTE: Be careful and mind your safety at all times.

1. Balance on one leg

This is the exercise that everyone thinks of when you begin to talk about balance. Easy to do, as it requires no equipment. If you are afraid of falling, stand close enough to a stabilizing object so that you can catch yourself before you do fall.

2. Hopscotch

The ultimate old-school playground game, this is a great way to improve your balance. Grab some chalk and find some room on a driveway or footpath and test out your playground skills!

3. Heel-to-toe walk

This is exactly what it sounds like. Find a nice flat surface that you can walk on. Bonus if there is a straight line you can walk on. Place your dominant foot down first and then follow it with your next foot, putting your heel as close to your big toe on your dominant foot as possible without stepping on it. Proceed to walk in a straight line, turn, and repeat.

4. Juggling

Just because this is something that you’d see at the circus doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take this recommendation seriously. Juggling is a great way to improve your hand-eye coordination. Just promise us you will start with something light and soft before you move on to the flaming swords!

5. Work on aiming

Using a bucket/ basket and a tennis ball/ small ball, Start 5 feet away from the bucket and try tossing the ball into it. Each time you get the ball into the bucket take a step back, see how far you can get it in from.