Support for People with Parkinson’s: Get Connected!

Many people find that support groups and Parkinson’s specific events or classes are tremendously effective in helping them live with the day-to-day realities of Parkinson’s. We have some tips on how to stay supported and connected, despite the impact of Covid-19.

It is estimated that 10 million people worldwide are living with Parkinson’s. This has led to many support organisations being founded to help people who are living with the condition.

We understand that Covid-19 has had a devastating impact on support services for people with Parkinson’s due to the government restrictions. Why not look for some online services or alternative options, to ensure you receive continued support?

Our global community use the Beats Medical service as a continued support, as well as connecting on all our social platforms. We regularly update our blog with information, specific exercises and helpful activities to target the symptoms our community experience. We regularly update our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages with user stories, customer reviews, tips and facts to help support you.

Our Beats Medical Parkinson’s service provides a support line, dedicated to our customers. Our team will contact you frequently to answer all your questions and concerns as well as providing you with feedback on your treatments. Why not sign up for our 14 day free trial to access our therapies and see how we can help you! One particular user, Glenn from Australia, recently told us how he “worked very well with Laura who provided excellent feedback on routine recommendations and system procedure which has led to the Beats Medical service improving my Parkinson’s symptoms”.

Other group activities for people with Parkinson’s can include:

Dance Classes

International research indicates that people with Parkinson’s who participate in dance classes experience improvements in gait, tremor, facial expression, short-term mobility, confidence, and social inclusion. Additionally, people report improved mood and feelings of wellbeing. If the pandemic has had an impact on your dance groups, why not check out some online dance classes on platforms like YouTube.

Choir Groups

Parkinson’s choir groups are shown to have beneficial effects for people with Parkinson’s. Experts say singing can help strengthen the muscles that control swallowing and respiratory function as well as improving mood and reducing stress. Joining a choir can thereby help improve vocal quality, facial expressions, and overall well being.

Art Classes

Even if you have not picked up a paintbrush since school, art therapy can help improve physical, psychological, and social functioning. Symptoms that can improve with art therapy include tremor, freezing, impaired speech, and feelings of isolation due to its relaxing and de-stressing benefits.

Parkinson’s specific exercise classes

Parkinson’s specific exercise classes can be found all over the world. Exercise classes can include boxing, swimming, core, and balanced focused activities designed to combat common symptoms. Specific exercises along with regular physical activity have been shown to have significant benefits for people with Parkinson’s. Check out our blog for some excellent exercises to target your symptoms at home!

Groups come in different formats – from large, formal meetings to smaller “living-room” get-togethers. It’s worth looking for a group that suits you. If you can’t find any you like in your area, consider starting one. If you are unsatisfied with the available options, it is likely that you’re not the only one feeling that way.

Connect with us. Keep up to date with our website, our social media or reach out to see how we can help. Let Beats Medical support you and your Parkinson’s.