Glenn urges others to “Get in touch with Beats!”

Glenn, a user of the service from Australia, scores the Beats Medical Parkinson’s service 9/10, urging others to “get in touch with Beats!” Under new grant funding for assistive technology, Australian residents may be eligible to receive reimbursement for the cost of our digital therapy service – a huge incentive for our Australian customers.

Glenn signed up to the Beats Medical Parkinson’s service in May 2020, under the NDIS scheme for assistive technology in Australia. He was reimbursed by the Australian Government for the cost of the Beats Medical Parkinson’s Therapy App.

When asked why he signed up, Glenn explained “I experience freezing, gait and shuffling and felt the Beats Medical system would be of benefit”.

While completing his 14 day free trial, Glenn worked with our Beats Medical expert Laura, who made sure he got the most from each therapy. Laura provided Glenn with regular check in calls and feedback on his progress.

Glenn ensures that he “worked very well with Laura who provided excellent feedback on routine recommendations and system procedure which has led to the Beats Medical service improving my Parkinson’s symptoms”.

We spoke to Laura about her experience providing a dedicated support service to users like Glenn, who lives in a different part of the world. Laura explained “I have thoroughly enjoyed speaking and working with Glenn. He is ambitious, eager to do well and is also giving us feedback on where we can improve. At Beats Medical, no matter where you are located, we do our best to make time to check in and speak with you to provide feedback. I look forward to working with Glenn in the future”.

Throughout his trial, Glenn enjoyed the fine hand movement therapies. He is a photographer, enjoys going on excursions, is keen to travel and likes to work with timber/wood. Glenn is sure that these therapies have helped him to complete his daily tasks and hobbies, and he has enjoyed completing several projects since availing of the service.

Glenn scored the Beats Medical service 9/10 and is excited to see what is to come to Beats Medical.

One piece of advice Glenn wants to share with people with Parkinson’s is to “get in touch with Beats Medical!” As many people may be unsure of what Beats Medical is or how a technology can help alleviate Parkinson’s symptoms, Glenn recommends speaking to the team and seeing if it’s right for you.

By signing up to the 14-day free trial of the Beats Medical Parkinson’s service you are accessing three different therapies to improve your Parkinson’s symptoms in different areas. As we understand the difficulties in accessing therapy and exercise classes, we decided to bring the therapy to you!