Unlock the therapies
of the future

Digital Assessments and Tailored Digital Therapeutics for CNS and Rare Conditions

Gary Boyle

Beats Medical app user since 2017

The Beats Medical
Colbolt© Platform

Our intelligent AI & ML platform deploys customised smartphone applications that deliver objective assessments and proven therapies, with no additional hardware required.

We provide patients with automated assessments that accurately evaluate their symptoms with enhanced sensitivity, creating an advanced understanding of their condition. From this, we can deliver individualised therapeutic programs to address their specific needs.

Our platform can be deployed to target the most common symptoms of any central nervous system condition or rare disease.

Embedded Biomarkers Approach

Our Colbolt© platform is beyond state of the art in its ability to generate precise data through digitised assessments, unlocking data insights and supporting better outcomes for all. By validating digital biomarkers, we can transform the fundamentals of decision-making and engagement throughout the entire patient journey, improving healthcares capacity in a meaningful way by unlocking the therapies of the future.



increase in physical activity

Facilitates behavioural changes.



more data

Generates more data than traditional methods.




Greater sensitivity than any other solution.



retention rate

Promotes patient engagement and adherence.