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Beats Medical’s Applications

Our easy-to-use, tailored therapy applications, powered by our intelligent platform, treat the many symptoms of your condition at home, adapting daily to your changing needs. With Beats Medical, you can manage your symptoms with confidence, add value to your existing, traditional care, and work on improving your quality of life each and every day.

John MacPhee

Beats Medical app user since 2014

Easy and Engaging

Designed with you in mind, our guided apps are simple to use and easy to navigate, all housed within an interactive environment.

On Your Personal Device

With Beats Medical, you can access evidence based exercises and therapies at home. Available on iOS and selected Android devices.

Multiple Therapies

Our applications are designed to address multiple symptoms of your condition from one central platform.

Products that
Make a Difference

The Beats Medical Parkinson’s Therapy App addresses the Mobility, Speech and Dexterity symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease.

Our digital tool has helped our users to address their symptoms at home, through daily, tailored therapies and a dedicated support service.

Products that
Make a Difference

The award-winning Dyspraxia app provides children with daily access to engaging, gamified therapies.

Our interactive therapy tool can help children,
aged 5 – 14, to develop crucial gross motor, fine motor, speech and communication skills.

Products that
Make a Difference

The Wonders Cape app was created by Beats Medical to provide a fun and engaging experience to help children build positive foundational wellbeing.

Wonders Cape was available as part of a free three-month pilot initiative in response to Covid-19.

The speech section is extremely helpful. It gives me instant feedback on the volume and intensity of my voice!

Gary Boyle

Beats Medical Parkinson’s
app user since 2017

All the exercises you can get from OT’s she can do and manage herself from home. It’s on her phone so she can just play the games and she doesn’t realise she’s getting all the help from it!

Lisa Chloe’s Mum

Beats Medical Dyspraxia
app user since 2018