Our Top Tips for Managing Parkinson’s Walking Symptoms

Parkinson’s Disease can lead to walking symptoms such as short steps, shuffling, freezing and may make balancing difficult. The possibility of losing your balance can be a reality for some people with Parkinson’s.

Here are some useful tips to help ensure safety and security while walking.

1. Tidy Home Environment

Make sure there are no hazards or obstacles around the house that may block your path. In particular, things to watch out for can include wires running across the floor, or rugs that may fold up at the side. If you are completing your Beats Medical walking therapy program, make sure you have an open space where you can walk uninterrupted.

2. Exercise

Staying strong and active can help maintain good movement, mobility and balance. Doing regular strengthening and balance exercises can help to manage symptoms and give confidence in your movement. Check if there are exercise classes running in your locality, or look some up online.

3. Assistive Aids

If there are particular activities that you find difficult or where you feel unbalanced, it may help to have an assistive aid. Examples include bathroom rails, mobility aids, or chair lifts.

4. Pendant Alarm

If you feel that your balance has become a little unsteady, it may be a good idea to wear a pendant alarm. This could help give you the peace of mind, that if you do require immediate help, you will have a way to let your loved ones know.

5. Use the Beats Medical Parkinson’s App

The Beats Medical Parkinson’s app has an entire section dedicated to improving the walking symptoms of Parkinson’s. Using our tailored beat therapy for 10 minutes can help you manage your walking symptoms with confidence. Based on over 50 years of research, our tailored therapy is designed to improve the rhythm and coordination of your walking. Our exercises are specifically tailored to your walk, each day, to help improve the quality of your walk and give you the confidence to get around.

Check out our 14 day free trial to test our walking therapy for free before committing to a subscription package. Be in control today!