What does the research say about Parkinson’s treatments?

All of the therapies included in the Beats Medical Parkinson’s Treatment App are based on commonly used, and clinically proven therapies. Here are a few interesting facts about some of the therapies that our technology is based on.

  • Metronome Therapy, or the use of ‘rhythmic auditory cueing’ is commonly used in clinics and hospitals to improve walking for people with Parkinson’s. It has been used for over 50 years. Traditionally, it is done in a clinic in the presence of a clinician or physiotherapist who will play a standard sound beat for the patient to practice walking in time to.

  • A recent article published in the renowned Scientific Journal ‘Nature’, looked at all of the research to date that has been published on the use of Metronome Therapy for people with Parkinson’s. The researchers compiled the findings from more than 50 research studies and concluded that metronome therapy can improve several aspects of walking including stride length, speed of walking, and cadence.

  • The experts behind this review suggest that early intervention with metronome therapy can be beneficial for people with Parkinson’s disease. Furthermore, this article recommends the use of digital home apps for the delivery of metronome therapy.

  • The Nine Hole Peg Test, which is included in the dexterity section of the Beats Medical App, has been used in hospitals and clinics for patients across a range of neurological conditions for decades. It was first introduced for people with Stroke and has since been shown to be a clinically useful tool for people with Parkinson’s. It is normally administered using a wooden or plastic board and pegs. However, the digital version delivered in the Beats Medical application can be an effective alternative for improving hand function.

  • Our speech exercises aim to help users speak louder and clearer by providing real-time, visual, and objective feedback on speech. Practicing speaking in a loud volume is a commonly used technique in Parkinson’s, because of the characteristically low voice that can present with this condition. One well-known example of this technique is the Lee Silverman Voice Training Program (LSVT).

This wealth of research is really important in determining which types of therapies have a real impact for people with Parkinson’s, and what we ultimately include in our service. The Beats Medical Parkinson’s service takes therapies that are proven by research and delivers them to you at home each day through technology. This can help you manage your symptoms with confidence, or add to your existing routine of exercise. You can try the service for free here.

The research speaks for itself as Beats Medical Parkinson’s Service becomes the first and only Parkinson’s-specific technology to be recommended by Parkinson’s UK in the new library.