Chloe & Lisa’s Story

All the exercises that she would get from OT’s she can do and manage herself at home!

Chloe was diagnosed with Dyspraxia when she was 7 years old. Her incredible attitude is helping to inspire other children with Dyspraxia.


Chloe Browne, aged 13, was diagnosed with verbal Dyspraxia at age 4 and Dyspraxia at age 7. Chloe is well known for her efforts to raise awareness of the condition as she and her mum, Lisa, work closely with the charity, Dyspraxia Ireland. Lisa first noticed that Chloe’s ‘speech wasn’t up to standard’ as a young child and as Chloe got older, Lisa noticed that her balance was off, ‘she was falling a lot’. Chloe attends speech and language therapy, occupational therapy and physiotherapy but not as regularly as she feels she needs to, due to the long waiting lists and the number of people needing appointments. Lisa has noticed that ‘the waiting lists are getting longer and longer’ and that’s why they decided to get Chloe to try the Beats Medical Dyspraxia app. Lisa says, “all the exercises that she would get from OT’s she can do at home and manage it herself at home”. For Chloe, managing her Dyspraxia can be hard at times, as she tends to get bullied and she finds that homework takes her a long time. Chloe found the Dyspraxia app helped her speech and gross motor skills, as well as working on her dexterity, with the fine motor skills being her favourite, saying “as I did the pinching it got so much easier”. Chloe and Lisa’s attitude towards Dyspraxia is hugely encouraging for other families in similar positions. Lisa says that Chloe “knows that she has a disability, but she turns that into her ability every day” and that “there’s nothing stopping any child with Dyspraxia from reaching their full potential.”