Sponsoring Power over Parkinson’s

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    Beats Medical’s Exclusive Interview with Together for Sharon

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    Metronome Therapy for People with Parkinson’s

    What is metronome therapy?

    Things to do when newly diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease

    Supporting your new diagnosis

    Dancing Through Parkinson’s

    Dancing for mobility

    The Invisible Condition

    No two people with Parkinson’s are the same!

    Love & Support

    Support your loved ones.

    Meditation and Mindfulness

    Mindfulness can reduce depressive symptoms, Learn More

    Beats Medical Timeline

    Our journey

    Muscle Cramps with Parkinson’s

    Easing the symptoms of cramping.

    Technology for Parkinson’s

    Explore some software supports

    Assistive Aids and Devices for Parkinson’s

    Devices that can assist with difficult tasks.

    Why is a good diet important with Parkinson’s?

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    Overcoming Freezing

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    Exercises for people with Parkinson’s

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    What is Parkinson’s and how does it affect you and your family?

    What is Parkinson’s? Being diagnosed Learn More

    Exercising with Parkinson’s

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    Speak with confidence with our tips for targeting Parkinson’s speech symptoms

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    Glenn urges others to “Get in touch with Beats!”

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    Award Winning Parkinson’s Treatment at Home

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