Getting a good night sleep with Parkinson’s

    For some people with Parkinson’s, Learn More

    Support for People with Parkinson’s: Get Connected!

    Many people find that support Learn More

    Our Top Tips for Managing Parkinson’s Walking Symptoms

    Useful tips to ensure safety and security while walking.

    Practicing Good Posture

    Poor posture is a common Learn More

    What does the research say about Parkinson’s treatments?

    What evidence are our exercises based on?

    What does it take to be approved by Parkinson’s UK?

    Approved by Parkinson’s UK!

    Facts about Parkinson’s Disease

    Some interesting tips and facts about Parkinson’s.

    Improve your walking with these Parkinson’s tips

    Some tips to support your walking.

    New Australian grant funding for assistive technology

    NDIS funding opportunities for assistive technology

    Myths about Parkinson’s Disease

    Lets cover the myths about Parkinson’s.

    Stay Active with our At-Home Exercise Suggestions

    Stay active at home!

    Exercises to Improve Hand Co-ordination

    Exercises to help you!

    Gary Boyle

    Being diagnosed with young Onset Parkinson’s came as a huge shock to Gary. Over the past number of years he has become heavily involved in utilising a multi-disciplinary approach to managing his Parkinson’s

    Padraig Barry

    Padraig was diagnosed with Parkinson’s when he was 53 years old.

    John MacPhee

    Having been diagnosed with Parkinson’s aged 47, John McPhee decided to take on a remarkable feat.

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